best anti aging skincare products 2019

one word…… seek professional help when it comes to the seriousness of the subject. here is one of the many reasons, you should consult with dermatologist & aesthetic clinics, and certified professionals

professionals know better than any influencer/so called beauty expert/i know all kind of people

if you haven’t noticed, how often one influenced product from one brand goes viral, and everybody start talking about it rigorously. in the times of tv

cheapskates are trying hard to provide short term solutions. most of them don’t work

its your skin ultimately, leave alone the goals you are trying to achieve. don’t try out something you are not sure about. don’t try to do something which is told by any one. we understand the social media is flooded with tons of beauty related information, but it doesn’t mean that you have to react to everything they say. most of the time it is just influencer is doing paid partnership. other times, there are people trying to get on the brand wagon. make choices wisely, and seek professional help. most of the time, a tiny bit of solution with lesser money/lesser time is available. but if you are trying to go solo with internet help, its your choice.

not all DIY’s are true

first, be careful with all the DIY’s out there. not everything is true, and been tried. Second, if something is working for someone, it is not necessary that it will work for you too. Third, if you really wanted to give it a shot, always work on patch testing before you actually apply something on your face.

ask your doctor for recommendations and always think throughly before you jump to procedures

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