Spin of 80’s popular American show dynasty is been announced for 3rd season. We are all ears & eyes

I have been following this season whole heartedly since the season 2 started. I had to wait days before the new episodes used to appear on Netflix.

photo credit : CW

I was dead shocked when the season 2 ended with no meaningful answers or stories were still in chaos.

photo credit: CW

Only then the new season was announced, and I was releived. there has been many twists and one prominent love story of LIAM & Fallon. they are coming together on and off on screen, and the viewers are skipping beats every time. they look really cute together & the on screen chemistry is something to watch for

photo credit :CW
photo credit : CW

One of the many reasons why I live & watch this season

  1. It’s very dramatic and things are changing at speed of light
  2. Nothing is permanent, not even death. You don’t believe me, watch it for yourself
  3. The confusion, the chaos, the twist and turns make it perfect to watch at ease
  4. Fashion, the latest, the runway, the haute couture, the style, the not so common accessories, all are thandak to my sore eyes

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