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Hello Everyone;

I’m Faiza Iqtadar, married, and a mother of One handsome son. I graduated from States, and always had a dream to be an entrepreneur. I came back and started career in a multinational company, and after my child’s birth, I left to raise the child as he is my first priority. I love reading, and writing, and great fashion follower. I’m brand conscious, and believe in eternal style. here I’m sharing my day to day routines, and learnings with all of you.

 The Things I do

everybody prioritize on things they love to do.. I do things which I love to do, or atlas enjoying them doing

  1. Books, i love them i love all of them. it gives you knowledge, and wisdom.. people say i know a lot of stuff..its my curious behavior, and my love for reading..
  2. journal, I find myself at peace when i write my thoughts, my confusions, worries out. there are things that you want to keep to yourself, but there is inner side of you that keeps you poking to take it out. Yes, i take it out, but to my journal. its the best…
  3. Travel, i love traveling like a backpacker, but my husband loves traveling luxuriously. So i quit on backpack style, but I come back as a new person every time i go out
  4. Passion, I am passionate about my life, my family, my siblings…i like going extra mile for them if that is needed
  5. Style, i believe that style is eternal. I don’t follow colors or pattern.. i follow style.. i like having a statement, and i like doing my own thing


i started of writing online to share my ideation to the world. there is no harm in it. infact I’m a social person, and it is one way of interaction for  me to the outer world. Come join me in my journey, and be an equal explorer

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